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HomelifestyleZeenat Aman has also been a journalist

Zeenat Aman has also been a journalist

Zeenat Aman, the most beautiful and best actress of her era, is celebrating her 70th birthday today. Zeenat has given many hits and superhit films in her career which you must have seen. Although Zeenat’s real life has been no less than a film story. She saw many ups and downs in her life which she has not forgotten even today. Zeenat was also associated with the charming actor of her time, Sanjay Khan.


Actually, Sanjay Khan himself had mentioned in an interview that he had beaten Zeenat Aman at a party in 1980. He also wrote this in his biography The Big Mistakes of My Life. Zeenat married actor Mazhar Khan on 11 October 1985, but after a few days both of them started arguing. It is said that Mazhar often used to beat up Zeenat Aman and both had two sons Zahaan and Azaan, but the fights between the two did not subside. After some time, Mazhar got a kidney infection, which made him ill and eventually died of kidney failure in 1998. During that time the tales of Zeenat and Sanjay Khan’s affair remained in the discussion.


But Sanjay often used to beat up Zeenat. It is said that Sanjay was the father of three children but Zeenat was still obsessed with them. Sanjay Khan once publicly thrashed Zeenat during a party at Hotel Taj in Mumbai. It is said that Sanjay had hit so hard at that time that Zeenat’s jaw was broken and after the operation her jawline was cured but the right eye was damaged. When Sanjay’s wife Zareen came to know about their relationship, there was a lot of uproar and finally Zeenat and Sanjay ended their relationship. Sanjay Khan has also mentioned this in his biography ‘The Big Mistakes of My Life’. Well, now Zeenat has come a long way by forgetting all these things.




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