Sunday, November 28, 2021
HomelifestyleWoman in Indian dress forbidden to enter Indian restaurant

Woman in Indian dress forbidden to enter Indian restaurant

Mumbai: There is a restaurant in Atria Mall in Worli area of ​​Mumbai which is currently the talk of the town. In fact, if you go here wearing Indian attire, you will be stopped at the gate and not allowed inside the restaurant. Here a video is going viral and people are getting angry with the same viral video. In fact, when a woman reached here in Indian clothes, she was stopped from going inside.

In a video going viral on social media, a woman wearing a hijab (a garment used by Muslim women) stopped her from entering the restaurant staff when she expressed her desire to enter the restaurant. Not only this, he also gave the reason for not wearing the hijab. In fact, the staff of the restaurant said that they do not allow to go in Indian costumes like hijab and saree. Saying all this, the employees of this restaurant are seen in the video. He is telling the reason for this to the friend of the woman concerned. The incident is being told of The Resto Bar Tap in Atria Mall, Worli. As soon as the video went viral, anger broke out on social media against the owner and manager of the restaurant.

One user wrote, ‘All religions are equal in India. Women walk side by side with men. In many fields women have made their tools before men. But there are still people in society who want to tell women what they wear. And what don’t they wear? If women wear western outfits, they are toned, even if they wear traditional clothes, they are still toned… When will women finally be able to dress the way they want? When will they be able to breathe as they please?” Many people are now showing anger against the owner and manager.




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