Why The Tires Of Vehicles Are Black Know Here


Vehicle Tyre: When it comes to buying an automobile, one of the most common questions is, “Which color should we go for?” When we buy a tyre, there is no such question. While there are a hundred other factors to consider when buying tyres, whether offline or online, the color of our tires is not one of them. They are only available in one colour: Black.

Not many know, but about 125 years ago tires were made in their original white colour. The rubber used in making tires is milky white. Then how did we get black tires? The answer is that the core material is not strong enough to support the weight of a vehicle or perform well on the roads.

And hence, it needs an establishing ingredient to increase its strength and life. Carbon black is a stable establishing ingredient in a milky white material. Adding carbon black to the material turns the tire completely black. Carbon Black improves the longevity and strength of the tyre.

Carbon black removes heat from all sections of the vehicle. And that’s why when it’s hot and there’s frictional heat, tires don’t melt and remain stable. Not only this, carbon black also helps in protecting the tires from the harmful effects of ozone and UV radiation.

Tires are one of the most important segments in a vehicle as only they connect it to the road surface. And therefore, it is important to guarantee that the tire is durable and reliable, and carbon black is needed to achieve that objective.

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