What Is Intelligent Manual Transmission Or IMT And It Will Work Know Here


What Is Intelligent Manual Transmission Or IMT And It Will Work Know Here

iMT Vs AMT: Apart from Hyundai’s Venue and Creta, this gearbox is available in the Kia Sonet. A new market has been created in the form of IMT or ‘Intelligent Manual Transmission’. The gearbox has certainly raised a lot of curiosity and a few questions. Well, we’ve got your answers. Let us tell you how it works.

Simply put, IMT is a ‘clutchless manual’. Yes, at its heart it is just a regular manual gearbox but without the clutch pedal.

How is iMT different from an AMT?
While both an automatic manual transmission (AMT) and an IMT are regular manual gearboxes, in an AMT, the actuator and motor change gears and operate the clutch for you. In function, it is fully automatic. The software, of course, controls when and how the changes take place.

On the other hand, in an IMT, the software and actuators only control the clutch, whereas you have to shift gears manually. Basically, an IMT normally falls between a manual gearbox and an AMT.

What are the benefits of an iMT?
This way you have complete control over which gear your car is in and you don’t have to rely on software to fix it. Thus, in situations like downhill or overtaking, you have complete control over the gearbox and you know that the car will not leave you second guessing. And that is certainly without the headache of clutch operation.

Another advantage is that by using fewer parts than an AMT (since there are no actuators for the required gear), the cost of an IMT is also close to the cost of a regular manual.

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