‘What fevicol did you drink on Kashmir-Bengal..’, Netizens fiercely surrounded Rahul Gandhi’s tweet


New Delhi: Tripura Police has rubbished the claims of arson and vandalism at a mosque in the state’s Panisagar district as false. The police have clarified that the pictures and videos being shared on social media in this regard have nothing to do with the incident in the state. Even after a clarification was issued by the state police, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi tweeted on the issue and wrote, “Our Muslim brothers are being brutalized in Tripura. Hindus who hate and do violence in the name of Hindus. There are hypocrites, not Hindus. For how long does the government pretend to be blind?


Reacting to Rahul Gandhi’s tweet, BJP leader Kapil Mishra hit back and wrote, ‘Why tweet only for Muslims? Why not for all religions? Why didn’t you open your mouth for Bangladesh? on Kashmir? On Lakhbir? Tripura Police is saying that nothing happened and you started spreading lies all over the country. Why does no one in the Congress party ever write ‘Our Hindu Bhai’?

At the same time, another user commented, ‘Even though you are the grandson of Firoz Khan, you never miss Firoz Jehangir Khan.’


Vijender Singh remarked, ‘Well, it is good, how long did the electoral practices come to their true form by one day showing the thread over the coat and calling the Dattatreya tribe Hindu! After all, Rahul ji’s only Muslim brother suffers in riots, sentiments had to be awakened, Hindus are carrot radish, what difference does it make?’ Shashikant Yadav wrote, ‘Did not remember the Hindus of Bangladesh.’ Another user wrote that when Hindus were being killed in Kashmir in West Bengal, people were running, did you put curd in your mouth? How are the animals in Congress?


Sunil wrote in his comment, “This is your real brother. When Hindus are persecuted, people like you drink fevicol.”



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