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HomelifestyleWhat can you do if someone in the house gets corona?

What can you do if someone in the house gets corona?

Friends, once again Corona has wreaked havoc all over the world, for its prevention, the government of the country has issued guidelines, but friends, those guidelines will work only when you follow them, then be careful friends. . But friends, today we want to tell you through this article that what should you do if someone gets corona in your house.

In view of the increasing number of corona patients, the Ministry of Health, Government of India has issued some guidelines. Here’s how to take care of a person who has corona infection.


What should a person infected with corona do?

Do not panic after the corona test report comes positive. Be patient. The variant can be detected only after genome sequencing. Caution should be exercised in view of the increasing cases of Omicron.

1. Corona positive patient should be isolated in the room. Make sure there is air circulation in the room.

2. Corona positive patient should always wear a mask, whatever type they may be.

3. Corona positive patient should immediately contact the doctor. oxygen level, Heart rate should be noted.

4. Corona positive patient should be treated only with the advice of the doctor. Medicines should be taken only under the guidance of the doctor.


What should the family of the person whose corona test positive come??

1. To those who came in contact with corona positive patient 14 Isolated for days.

2. The responsibility of helping a corona positive patient should be entrusted to one person.

3. Those visiting the patient will have to wear a three-tier mask. N95 Must wear mask.

4. To fight Corona, it is important to wash your hands and keep them clean. Wash hands with soap or handwash at least 40 Wash for seconds.

5. Take care not to come in contact with the saliva or saliva coming out of the patient’s body.

6. Avoid using items used by patients by other members of the household.




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