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Understand how the new Honda City Hybrid works


Understand how the new Honda City Hybrid works

Japanese car maker Honda has introduced the Honda City Hybrid e:HEV car in India. At present, the company has not made any disclosure about the price of the car but has made public a lot of information about all the features and specifications of the car. It’s a car, so let’s take a look at the Honda City e:HEV hybrid system, how it works and what modes it has.

What is the concept of hybrid cars?
Hybrid cars have electric motor as well as engine. Hybrid cars also have batteries for the electric motor. In these cars, both the electric motor and the engine together enable the car to deliver better performance.

Honda City e:HEV has three modes
The car will have three modes- Engine Drive, EV Drive and Hybrid Drive. The car performs differently in all the three modes and its mechanism changes. Each mode has its own way of working.

How engine drive mode works?
Car runs on fuel in engine drive mode. The engine drives the wheels of the car and if needed, the electric motor works to give peak power to the wheels. However, in engine drive mode, more load is placed on the engine.

How does EV drive mode work?
In EV mode the car is driven entirely by electric motor. The car battery gives energy to the electric motor and the electric motor powers the wheels. This process is silent, there is no sound in it.

How does hybrid drive mode work?
In hybrid mode the engine of the car acts as an electric generator and the electric motor drives the wheels of the car. That is, in hybrid mode, both the engine and the motor of the car are working together.



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