Uber Claims About Users Data Was Not Leaked In Hacking, 18-year-old Boy Hacked The App

Uber Claims About Users Data Was Not Leaked In Hacking
Uber Claims No Sensitive Data Exposed in Latest Breach

Uber Claims About Users Data Was Not Leaked In Hacking

Uber claims about hacking: Uber made a huge claim about the privacy of its users’ data. Uber claims that no data from its users was stolen in the latest hacking. According to the company, there was no evidence that hackers had access to the data of users. An 18-year-old boy hacked Uber apps. He had sent numerous screenshots to cyber security experts after hacking the Uber apps. These showed that he had access to cloud-based systems as well as code repositories.

Uber updated its users to say that there is no evidence that private user information was compromised by a breach of its internal systems. This was discovered late Thursday.

“We don’t have any evidence that the incident involved sensitive user data (like trip histories),” said. All of our services, including Uber, Uber Eats, and Uber Freight, as well as the Uber Driver app, are fully operational.

The ride-hailing company stated that it has brought back all of its internal software tools, which it had taken down as a precaution. It also reiterated that it had notified law enforcement about the matter.

It is not clear at this time if the incident led to the theft of other information, or how long the intruder remained within Uber’s network.

Uber has not given any details beyond stating that its investigation is ongoing and that it is pursuing response efforts. Independent security researcher Bill Demirkapi described Uber’s “no proof” position as “sketchy.”

Demirkapi stated that “No evidence” could indicate that an attacker had access to the data. However, Uber hasn’t found any evidence that the attacker used that access for sensitive user data. It’s also strange to expressly say “sensitive user data” rather than “user data in general.”

According to the Associated Press, a man contacted The New York Times following the hacking of Uber’s apps. The person claimed to be a hacker and sent screenshots from the Uber internal system that he had access to. According to The New York Times, the alleged hacker claimed that he was a hobby hacker and was thinking of leaking Uber’s source code.

Uber apps were hacked before

These claims were denied by the company. Uber Eats, Uber Freight and Uber Driver apps have all been restarted, the company claims. Uber stated that the ride-hailing company had reported the hacking and they stopped offering their services shortly thereafter. In 2016, hackers stole data from more than 57,000,000 driver and rider accounts. Uber was contacted by the hackers, who demanded $100,000 to delete a copy of their data.

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