Kerala Lottery Results Karunya KR 487 21 feb. Update First Price Money Winner



Kerala Lottery Results Karunya KR 487 21 feb. Update First Price Money Winner

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The most-anticipated lottery results are here as the Kerala government has finally unveiled the details. Yes, the Kerala Karunya lottery Results of 21st February 2021 are provided for all the aspirants willing to check their fortune.

You are welcome on our site that is the best place to get all the updates of the upcoming lottery results, be it any day or date. There is a lot of excitement in the people’s minds to find out the results of their lottery ticket which they purchased with so much hope and dreams in the eyes.

Kerala state Lottery Results

To all the people wondering about the complete process of the commencement of this affluent game, we are here to shower you with all the necessary information. Basically, to begin with, in these gambling games, one is required to losses their pocket and to spend an extremely cheap amount to buy that mandatory lottery ticket.

It is important to possess the ticket as it is the main thing that allows you to participate in the game in the first place. After you purchase that ticket, remember to keep it safe as it contains that golden lottery number which you will be needing to check the results.

There are plenty of opportunities for you to earn a handsome amount of money from the very popular Kerala lottery. This was firstly invented or we say brought into existence in 1956. From that year it has become a part of the life of every aspirant who dreams big. To achieve something.

To bring happiness for themselves and for their family and to make their dear ones happy. The game is also benefiting the government in some way. As the tickets are sold in very large numbers, the whole collection of the money gets used in the beneficiary work of the people.

Karunya KR 487 Result


  • First Winning Prize: Rs 75 Lakhs
  • Consolation Prize: Rs 8,000/-
  • Second Winning Prize: Rs 10 Lakhs
  • Third Winning Prize: Rs 1 Lakhs
  • Fourth Winning Prize: Rs 2,000/-
  • Fifth Winning Prize: Rs 1,000/-
  • Sixth Winning Prize: Rs 500/-
  • Seventh Winning Prize: Rs 200/-
  • Eighth Winning Prize: Rs 100/-

So, technically both the citizens and government are getting benefits from the game. Besides the lottery ticket and the history, the game is under legal procedure. You can trust the whole process as it brings the money in legal form. No problem related to the money fraud will b seen by you.

Just witness the amazing game and earn a heavy amount of money. Do visit the site for Kerala Karunya Lottery Results of 21st February 2021. Trust the process as sometimes luck takes time and will get the cash prize in huge amount. Stay tuned for more updates.



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