Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 23rd February 2021 Written Episode Update



Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 23rd February 2021 Written Episode Update

Full Written Update: Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

23/02/2021 Episode Start

with Ashwini goes to her room,she offers food to her and requests that she eat. Usha tells how might I cut Sai’s words. Ashwini tells tomorrow everybody will keep quick so take this tiffin. Usha tells in the event that anybody discovered they will be irate on you to. Ashwini tells I am not terrified of anybody I simply need Sai’s guarantee of not eating for two days in this house to be maintained before everybody. Usha tells Sai has decided to take off from this house. Ashwini tells how might she leave this house,I will deal with her.

Sai opens the dishes Virat brought for her individually. She discloses to Jo stomach muscle tak kha rha tha bhaav lekar aya hai bhaaji paav, jo stomach muscle tak kar raha tha jhagda lekar aya hai pattice ragda. Gabbar ki ladne ki hai adaat buri isliye lekar aya hai sev puri. Sai explains for what reason did you bring this much food,all of this is my top pick.

Virat tells this is for you and Usha moushi. Sai requests that Virat eat with her. Virat asks her not to contend and begin eating,Sai and Virat begin quarreling over whom ought to eat first. Virat chooses let us feed each other simultaneously. Ashwini watches this from outside and expresses gratitude toward God.

Virat inquires as to for what reason does Sai consistently continues to be obstinate. Sai tells I resemble this just and you need to bear me. Sai explains for what reason didn’t you bring nourishment for other? Virat tells from in the future I will bring nourishment for everybody. Sai is going to black out while eating.

Pakhi brings milk for Bhavani. Bhavani tells today Virat is ravenous since morning because of Sai and still Ashwini is supporting Sai. Pakhi advises it’s very late and if Virat doesn’t eat he will get sick. Virat reveals to you burned through the entirety of your effort in battling void stomach. Sai tells I am eating now so I will get energy. Virat takes care of her with his hand.

Sai advises Virat to eat or probably he will black out. Virat tells even mother doesn’t take care of me with me hand. Sai reveals to you need to eat from my hands so you can advise me straightforwardly what is the requirement for telling in a roundabout way.

Pakhi goes into the room and starts applauding and reveals to I wished I brought camera and caught it. I just came to call you since we as a whole were stressed that you are hungry,if I realized that you brought food from outside and hosting gathering I wouldn’t have disturbed you. Sai determines what sort of thought do you have? Pakhi determines what did you feed Sai that she figured out how to reply in one day. Virat advises she will reply in the event that somebody will scrutinize her.

He asks Pakhi not to talk uselessly,what is the need to feel so awful for a particularly casual conversation. Sai advises it is very obvious that you didn’t care for me and Virat sir eating together. Pakhi informs why should you talk regarding my emotions? She requests that Sai stay in her cutoff points. Sai discloses to Pakhi that you are crossing your cutoff points and you reserve no privilege to go into our room and remark on our relationship. Would you be able to go to Mohit and Karishma’s room and disclose to them something very similar?

Virat tells since when did your memory become feeble? I have remained against Sai a great deal of times. Pakhi advises you are not my companion and you don’t wish useful for me, you are a liar and misrepresentation. Sai tells how might you consider him an extortion when he really focuses such a huge amount on you. Pakhi yells at Sai and requests that she shut her mouth.

Pakhi leaves the room and starts crying and tossing things around in her room. She gets a call from her mom. Pakhi tells possibly I will not rest today. She tells I couldn’t say whether I will get any report about Samrat or not.




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