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Tremendous benefits of cloves, consume it on an empty stomach in the morning to be safe during the corona period

New Delhi. Today we are going to tell you about the benefits of cloves. Consuming cloves on an empty stomach in the morning strengthens immunity. Also you get rid of many diseases. Corona has once again started spreading its feet in the country. Along with this, cases of its mutant virus Omicron are also increasing rapidly. In such a situation, you should take special care of your diet. On the other hand, if it is a matter of good diet, then you should include such things in your diet which can strengthen your immunity. Through this article, we will tell you what are the benefits of consuming cloves for our body.

* Helpful in liver function


The liver works to detox the body, so you can consume cloves daily to improve your liver. Clove is known to improve liver.

* Improve digestion

Consuming clove on an empty stomach in the morning can help you get rid of digestive problems. Clove enhances the digestive enzymes which reduce diseases like constipation and indigestion. Cloves are rich in fiber which is good for digestive health.

* Make bones strong

Cloves contain flavonoids, manganese and eugenol. Which are known to promote bone and joint health. Therefore, consuming cloves promotes bone density and strengthens bones.

* strengthen immunity

Vitamin C and some anti-oxidants are found in cloves. As such are known to increase White Blood Cells in the body. They help your body fight any infection or infectious diseases. By consuming cloves daily, your immunity remains better.




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