Sunday, November 28, 2021
HomelifestyleTransplantable artificial kidney for the first time in an unprecedented invention

Transplantable artificial kidney for the first time in an unprecedented invention

In an unprecedented invention, Ratner, an international cadre of physicians, bioengineers and entrepreneurs working to revolutionize kidney failure treatment, has developed the first-ever transplantable artificial kidney that provides improved physiological outcomes for kidney disease patients. . Promising to do away with dialysis machines and implants. Millions of patients can be assured a high quality of life because of this device. According to experts, this device will help people with transplanted kidneys get rid of lifelong immunosuppressant drugs that have a high risk of side effects. Along with this, patients of kidney failure who have to go to the clinic every week for a blood filter, will also get relief.

The Kidney Project’s winning artificial kidney is a smartphone-sized device that will revolutionize the treatment of kidney failure and that can be surgically implanted. This artificial kidney consists of two essential parts – hemofilter and bioreactor. The hemofilter removes waste products and blood toxins, while the bioreactor replicates kidney functions such as balancing blood electrolytes.

Each kidney has a mesh of about a million tiny filtering units, called nephrons. The blood entering the nephron passes through the glomerulus. The thin walls of the glomerulus enable waste, water and other small molecules to pass through, blocking larger molecules such as proteins and blood cells. From there, the filtered fluid flows into the renal tubules, where the balance of minerals, water, salt and glucose is calibrated and molecules needed for bodily functions are reabsorbed into the bloodstream. But many medical conditions can put pressure on the kidneys, including diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure.




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