Today is Rohini Vrat: Know its date-time method of worship and importance of this day


Every festival is celebrated very well by the Jain community. In Jainism, there are special types of festivals that people give and celebrate the most. Rohini Vrat is one such festival. This fast is very famous in Jainism. Women observe Rohini Vrat for the long life of their husbands, which is one of the most important days for the Jain community. In the Jain and Hindu calendars, Rohini is one of the twenty-seven constellations. Rohini fast is observed at the end of Rohini Nakshatra in Margashirsha Nakshatra. According to Jainism, this fast can be done by both men and women, although it is necessary for women. This fast will be observed on 20th November this month.

Rohini Vrat 2021: Date and Auspicious Time:-
Date: November 20, Saturday
Sunrise: 6:48 am.
Sunset: 05:26 PM
Date: Pratipada till 05:04 PM
Rohini Vrat 2021: Significance

Rohini Vrat 2021: Worship Method:-
Get up early in the morning, take a bath and wear clean clothes.
– Establish an altar with an idol of Jain Lord Vasupujya.
Offer flowers, incense and prasad.
– Recite Kanakdhara Stotra.
– There is a prayer to pray for the denial of bad behavior and mistakes made.
After the Rohini Nakshatra appears in the sky, observe the fast.
End the fast when Mrigashira Nakshatra rises in the sky.
– Donations are given to the poor and good is done to the needy.

If you are also observing this fast, then keep all these things in mind so that there is no possibility of any kind of inconvenience and deficiency.



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