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To keep the mind healthy, chant these two verses as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Every morning after waking up, you must be doing something or the other, but when you wake up the next morning, bow your palms together. then open your palms like a book

What can you do to keep the mind happy? While there are many ways that can help you keep your mind happy, it is very important to know when it is right for you. Some people get tired after working all day and the work pressure is enough to bother you. But if you follow these two methods after waking up in the morning, then surely your mind remains happy throughout the day. In this article, we are going to tell you about two such asanas, which are enough to please your mind. Along with these two asanas, you also have to chant a mantra, which will benefit you a lot. Let us know what are these mantras.

1- The first way to please the mind
Even if you are doing something every morning after waking up, the next morning when you wake up, hold your palms together in a namaskar posture. Then open your palms like a book and read this verse. In the meantime you need to look at your palms:

Saraswati in the middle of Laxmi car in Karagras
Kar Mool Govind Prabhat Kar Darshanam

The meaning of this verse is that I have Lakshmi in front of my hand, Saraswati in the middle and Brahma in the root.

2- Another mantra to please the mind

Mangalam Lord Vishnu Mangalam Garuda Flag
Mangalam Pundalikaksha Mangalaya Tano Sri Hari

One who chants this mantra always remains happy. The stalled work of the native is also seen to be done. And just by chanting for a few days, you will start seeing the change.

What will happen with these two verses?
It is reiterated in the Vedas and Puranas that if we meditate in solitude, it can help keep your mind happy. Yes, both these asanas as well as the recited shlokas can work to make you healthy. The basic idea of ​​looking at the palms during this whole process is that we believe in our karma. At the same time, we pray to God that we should do such deeds so that we get wealth, happiness and knowledge in life.

Apart from this, we should do such work with our hands which will benefit others. Do not do any evil in the world with this hand.

Looking at the palms through these lines, one should try to resolve in the mind that by working hard, I will eradicate poverty and ignorance and will do good to myself and the world. By doing this your mind will be happy as well as your mind will also be happy.




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