Monday, November 29, 2021
HomelifestyleThis Tasty Bhurji will be made in a very short time, definitely...

This Tasty Bhurji will be made in a very short time, definitely try it.

Are you hungry too, but your time is running out, and you want to eat something delicious, but you don’t know what to eat. With a little effort, you can save your time as well as have a healthy breakfast. Bread bhurji is a good option for such a quick and healthy recipe.

Ingredients to make:

10 bread slices,

1 cup curd,

1 tsp turmeric,

1 tsp cumin,

1 green chili,

3-4 curry leaves,

1 cup chopped onion,

2 tsp oil,

salt to taste


In a bowl add curd, turmeric, salt and 2 tsp water and mix well. Now put the bread slices in it and coat it well with the mixture. Put oil in a pan and heat it, add cumin, green chili, curry leaves and ginger and leave it for some time. Then add onion and fry till it becomes light pink. Then put slices of bread in it and stir for some time and turn off the gas. Add green coriander and serve hot.




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