This ling mushroom is in discussion, know its specialty


There are many such unique things around the world that come in the headlines for one reason or the other. At present these mushrooms are in discussion. The name of this mushroom is Penis mushroom and it is currently the talk of the town. It is called phallus rubicundus in scientific language. Let us tell you that Penis mushroom is actually a species of fungus, which belongs to the stinkhorn family. In fact, it was first discovered in 1811 and is commonly found in tropical countries. The list includes India, Australia, South and East America, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Ghana, Congo, Kenya and South Africa. Recently a site named Science Alert released a picture of it from its social media handle which has become a topic of discussion in the city. Let us now tell you the specialty of this mushroom?

In fact, Penis mushrooms can grow on any type of wet soil, lawn, garden, and the ground behind your home. Let us tell you that the tribal groups in Madhya Pradesh of India call it Jhiri-Phiri. It is famous among Bharia and Baiga tribal groups. They use this mushroom to cure typhoid i.e. intestinal fever. Not only this, these tribals use Penis mushroom to pregnant women during labor pains. In fact, it is rubbed with sugar, dried, and then one teaspoon each is given to a pregnant woman or a patient suffering from typhoid thrice a day.

It is also used as an aphrodisiac, that is, a drug to increase sexual potency, not only in India but also by the local Aborigines of Australia. However, its smell is extremely dangerous and its smell attracts insects. It resembles the shape of a penis and is now growing in many countries after the rains.



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