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This flying car can change the face of transport by 2023, know more

Flying automobiles have long been a component of science fiction stories that promise a future filled with ease and devoid of present mundane worries, especially traffic jams. However, the future may be on the horizon, as many businesses are working on creating, or perhaps perfecting, their own unique flying vehicles. LuftCar, based in Florida, is one of them, with the intention of launching its vehicle in early 2023.

The LuftCar autonomous car can be attached to a flying module and is expected to reach top speeds of around 220 mph (350 kph) thanks to six propellers. It will be able to reach an altitude of about 4,000 feet and cover a distance of 150 miles (240 kilometers) in a single journey. When it doesn’t climb clouds, it can run smoothly on roadways. Of course, the flying module would have to be removed.


The five-seat vehicle will be powered by hydrogen and will cost around $350,000 when it is released. It will be used mostly by large corporations and wealthy individuals who want faster transportation options. Decongestion of cities can also have a positive effect. “People would actually own a smaller vehicle and an aircraft simultaneously; as a result, they would not need to live in an overcrowded metropolis and would be able to travel easily from far-flung places to cities.” “The Khaleej Times reports Luftcar founder and CEO Sant Satya as saying. “Businesses can use it as a shared vehicle to get from city to city without having to rent a business.”


According to Satya’s LinkedIn page, he attended Anna University before traveling to the United States to complete his education. Prior to founding Luftcar, he worked for firms such as Siemens, Johnson Controls and Boeing. Will the Luftcar flying vehicle also find its way into the crowded cities of India? Although the firm is currently showing at the Dubai Airshow 2021, there is no indication in which markets the product will be available first.




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