This famous player of the Indian team was covered in the very first season of IPL


Yusuf Pathan, one of the most powerful players of the Indian cricket team, is celebrating his birthday today. The Vadodara-born player turns 39 today. Yusuf Pathan’s career did not last long according to his talent, but he won 2 World Cups in his short career. Yusuf Pathan is part of the 2007 T20 World Cup and 2011 World Cup winning team. Sachin was lifted on his shoulder by Yusuf Pathan after winning the 2011 World Cup.


Yusuf Pathan was born in a very poor family. Poverty was such that there was not even a toilet in Yusuf’s house. However, even this poverty could not stop the talent of Yusuf and his younger brother Irfan. Yusuf Pathan used to play cricket with his brother Irfan in the courtyard of the mosque. Soon, both the brothers traveled to the Indian team.


Yusuf Pathan is considered one of the biggest hitters of Indian cricket. Yusuf Pathan scored a century in just 37 balls against Mumbai Indians in the first season of IPL. His record remained intact for 4 seasons as Chris Gayle broke Yusuf’s record in 2013 by scoring a century in just 30 balls. However, Yusuf is still the fastest Indian to score a century in the IPL. Yusuf Pathan’s T20 debut was tremendous. Virender Sehwag suffered an injury before the final of the 2007 T20 World Cup and MS Dhoni offered Yusuf Pathan a chance to replace him. Dhoni took Yusuf Pathan to the opening and this player gave a great start to the Indian team by scoring 15 runs in just 8 balls.



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