Sunday, November 28, 2021
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This country is not the property of BJP functionaries, this country is yours: Priyanka Gandhi

Varanasi: Priyanka Gandhi has reached Varanasi today. Here he first offered prayers at Kashi Vishwanath temple and Durga temple. After this she is addressing a rally. Priyanka Gandhi started her address at the rally with a shloka of Maa Durga. During this he said earlier- ‘You have seen somewhere that a person kills 6 people and the police tells them that let’s talk to us. This has never happened in the history of any country and the world. The minister whose son has done this is being defended by the Chief Minister on the stage. The Prime Minister who could come to Lucknow to see the freedom struggle, could not go to Lakhimpur two hours away to wipe the tears of those farmers. The farmer has irrigated this country. There are sons of farmers who are protecting us. What is this country? This country is a faith, a hope, this country has got freedom in the hope of justice. When Mahatma Gandhi went to fight for freedom, he had in his mind that justice should be given to all. Our constitution is based on justice, but in this country everyone has given up hope of justice.

At the same time, he said- ‘This country is getting corrupt. You know the truth behind all the advertisements, hoardings. You are living you tell me you get the price of the crop. One gas cylinder is available. Your kids get jobs. So what is the truth and why are people afraid to speak this truth. What are you afraid of? what will happen? The time has come. It’s not about elections, it’s about the country. This country is not the property of BJP office-bearers, ministers, prime ministers, this country is yours. Who will save this country? Who will save this country?’

Further he also said, ‘If you will not be aware. If you remain entangled in their politics, you will neither save yourself nor the country. You are the farmer, you are the soul of this country. You have made all the leaders sitting on the stage. Those who call you an agitator, call you a terrorist, forcing them to get justice. All Congress workers are not afraid of anyone. Put us in jail, kill us, do whatever you can, we will keep fighting, we will keep fighting, we will not leave until the Minister of State for Home resigns.

At the same time, he said, ‘We are Congress workers, we have fought for the independence of the country. No one can silence us. No one can stop and those who are listening to me, look within yourself and ask yourself only one question that since this government came, has there been progress in your life in the last 7 years or not? Has development arrived at your door or not? Whether the promises made to you were fulfilled or not? And answer honestly. If your answer is no, then stand up and fight with me. bring about change Change your country because I will not stop till change comes.’




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