The young man was going to marry again, the first wife reached …


Lucknow: In Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, the first wife of a man who was going to marry for the second time created a ruckus after reaching the procession. Please tell that this incident is of Janakpuri police station area of ​​Saharanpur. Where Nishant Kamboj reached Radha Vihar with the procession, he reached behind the bars of the jail from the wedding pavilion. In fact, a young woman has alleged that she has a relationship with Nishant for the last 10 years and both have done court marriage.

Kamboj reached the baraat to marry another girl, the first wife threatened the family members to stop the marriage. Where there was a lot of commotion. In the complaint given to the police in the police station Janakpuri area, the girl said that she was having a love affair with Nishant of Dandoli Kheda village for ten years. The girl has told that both of them had a love marriage two years ago. The girl says that her family also married Vidhan Vidhana after the court marriage. However, it is also alleged that Nishant Kamboj did not inform his family about the court marriage nor did he ever introduce the girl to his family.

According to the allegations, when Nishant, who is getting married again, arrived with the procession, everything was normal. But at the time of the round, the first wife reached the procession and created a ruckus. The police reached the spot and brought Nishant with them to the police station. The first wife alleges that Nishant had aborted her four-month-old child two months ago through medicine.



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