Sunday, November 28, 2021
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The picture of a three-faced snake went viral on social media, but the truth turned out to be something else

Every day some picture or video goes viral on social media, which you must have seen. Now a photo of a three-faced angry snake is going viral, which you can see here. You can clearly see the snake in anger in this photo. But the truth is something else. Let us tell you that after looking carefully at this viral picture, it is known that it is not only a snake but something else.


Actually this picture is not of a snake but of an insect, which is like a butterfly. According to the information received, the name of this insect is Atlas atlas and it is also known as Atlas moth. It is the largest Lepidoptera, which includes butterflies and moths. The picture, which is currently going viral, has been shared on Twitter by a Twitter user named @thegallowboob. You can see this photo with the caption: ÔÇťAtlas is the biggest butterfly in the world.


It only lives for two weeks and takes care of the eggs till they are laid. These butterflies take the form of snakes to protect their eggs. This is a really confusing picture. Such a picture is rarely seen. According to some reports, this insect is mostly found in Asia. Although the photo went viral, people commented on which snake it belonged, but later they came to know that it is a butterfly.




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