The cute child went on the ramp walk, the boy made a mistake, the girl turned red with anger


You must have seen a lot of fashion shows on TV, but you will not be able to stop laughing after seeing the fashion show you are going to show today. This fashion show is for kids and it’s great. Nowadays cute kids are not behind in modeling and when they come on stage for ramp walk, people’s eyes do not take away from them. Actually, his every move is strange and the audience likes him very much. A cute video of some such children is currently going viral on social media, which the audience is calling cute.

In this video you can see that the video of a little girl adjusting the crown like a boss on the ramp has gone viral. You can see this video has created panic on social media. Not only this, it won the hearts of many politicians. The most special thing about this video is that the event was organized in the same way as it is for adults. The same spontaneity and confidence you can see in children during the ramp walk. By the way, it is clearly visible in this video that the boy is in a white tuxedo, bow tie and shoes and the girl is in a beautiful white dress with a black ballerina and crown.

The most important thing in this video is that while walking on the ramp, the girl started looking here and there, while the girl moved ahead with her spirit. Meanwhile, as the girl made a U-turn, the boy lost his coordination while looking around. While going back, the boy was looking to his left and accidentally removed the girl’s shoes from his foot. The girl stopped and angrily looked at the boy and then adjusted the crown on his head. After all this, she started going back on the ramp. This video is very powerful which you can watch.



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