The bride refused to eat rasgulla from the groom’s hand, then something like this happened


Wedding season has started. Today we will show you a video that has become popular on social media and will make you laugh. This video is from during wedding preparations. During Jaimala, something unexpected happens between the bride and groom, which leaves everyone around.

You must have seen that the bride and groom look very mischievous in the entire Jaimala. This moment can be cute at times. This sometimes leads to a ruckus on the stage. This is what has been shown in the footage that became popular on social media. The nails of the girl can be seen in this video. During Jayamala, the husband is shown gently feeding the rasgulla to the bride. At the same time, the girl is telling tantrums and is refusing to eat Rasgulla. The groom is no exception.

The wedding rituals can be seen in the video. First, the woman serves rasgulla to the groom. On the other hand, the bride retreats when her husband feeds her rasgulla. The bride starts throwing tantrums. On the other hand, seeing the tantrums of the bride, the husband does not even bother to give her Rasgulla again and eats Rasgulla with his lips. Everyone starts smiling at this.



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