That’s why World Radiography Day is celebrated


World Radiography Day is being observed today i.e. on 8th November. On the same day in 1895, on November 8, Jewilheim Konrad Rotjanz, a professor of physics at Warburg College in Germany, completed the discovery of X-rays. That’s why radiographers all over the world celebrate this day as the anniversary of the discovery of X-radiation all over the world. On this special occasion, we are going to tell you some special things about this invention…


With the changing times, modern radiography is no less than a lifesaver for the patient. When X-rays were first introduced, there were many complications. It also cost the radiographer and the patient, but revolutionary changes in modern radiology have made the medical process easier. Therefore, earlier the patient’s disease could not be detected properly. The patient used to get some disease and his treatment used to be something else. Because of this, most of the patients became the weeds of time at an early age.


Not only this, on World Radiography Day, Rajindra Verma, the oldest and senior radiographer of Dr. Rajendra Prasad Medical College Hospital, has said that the old radiology was completely blind. He needed a dark room. Had to develop X-rays in a dark room. If the X-ray did not go well, the patient had to be called again for X-ray. It took more time for the patient and the disease was detected very late. Now computerized system has arrived. This is called the CRS Computer Radiology System. It has evolved over ten and 15 years. This causes X-rays to be done in the computer itself and the dark room is shocked. After the computer is the DRS Digital Radiography System. This includes photos taken together. This process is eliminating the meaning of repeating. The report which used to come a day ago, its report is being received simultaneously.



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