Thallumaala Reviews and Box Office Collection Day 1


Thallumala Day 1 Collection

The movie Thallumaala has an IMDb Rating of 7.2 out of 10 and it is expected to grow as more and more people will go and watch the movie. The expected Box Office Collection of the movie for day 1 could be anywhere in between Rupees 2.5 to 3 crores (Final report will be out on 13th Aug).

Tovino Thomas-starrer movie Thallumaala has been released today in theatres. The movie is Directed by Khalid Rahman and it is written by Muhsin Parari and Ashraf Hamza, as Ashiq Usman is the producer of the film. The film stars Tovino Thomas, Kalyani Priyadarshan and Shine Tom Chacko in leading roles.

Thallumaala Reviews

The movie Thallumala offers a lot of fun and entertainment.  It is a youthful and action-paced movie and Tovino Thomas has managed to look 10 years younger by achieving a slim physique. Tovino Thomas’s energy in the movie Thallumaala is definitely Unmatchable and it would be a delight for the audience to see him dance and fight like a professional.

Kalyani Priyadarshan looks pretty chic in the movie but she does not have much space for better dialogue delivery. The performances of Lukman Avaran, Austin Dan and Adhri Joe are very clean and effortless. Shine Tom Chacko as Regi Mathew gets his fair share of screen-time.

Thallumaala is primarily a men’s movie, it is filled with gang wars and fights and camaraderie shared between them. Thallumala movie is not a movie that everyone will like but there are two cases with this movie either the audience will enjoy it or will not understand it at all. Twitter reviews are mixed for this film.

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