Whatsapp took big action on complaints of users, more than 30 lakh accounts banned

The WhatsApp company said in its report released on Tuesday that more than 3 million Indian accounts have been banned by WhatsApp between June 16 and July 31. The actual number of suspended accounts is 30,27,000. Due to this, the messaging platform received 594 complaints. Actually, the account has been suspended on complaints including misuse of forwarding message app etc.

The same WhatsApp said in its new report that from June 16 to July 31, the company has received 137 account support, 316 ban appeals, 45 other support, 64 product support, and 594 user reports on 32 safety. According to the report, action was taken on 74 accounts during this period. The action here means either blocking the account and restoring an account.

The report states that an Indian account is identified through a +91 phone number. Earlier, WhatsApp reported that more than 95 percent of the restrictions are due to misuse of automatic or bulk messaging (spam). The global average number of accounts is around 8 million accounts per month to prevent abuse on WhatsApp’s platform. A WhatsApp spokesperson said, “Social media intermediaries in India should publish their compliance reports in accordance with its Rules 2021.”


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