WhatsApp’s former employees Neeraj Arora and Michael Donohue have introduced a new social media network called HelloApp. According to the developers of the app, this is the first real-relationship network and they say that HeloApp is not everything like Facebook. The developers said that they do not monitor users’ data or monitor their activities.

The same HalloApp will not have features that users have seen on Facebook and Instagram. According to the company’s blog post, there will be no AIDS, no bots, no likes, no trolls, no followers, no algorithms, no influenza, no photo filters, no feed cracks and misinformation. It has also been further said that there will be no such things in it that will spoil the atmosphere like today.

The same app provides end-to-end encryption and you can register with your mobile number. After registration, you can contact other people in the app through your contact list. The persons creating the App claim that HalloApp will not work to collect or store personal data of users. He said that he has absolutely no idea what you keep saying, what you do and how you consume content. Both Android and iOS users can download this app.


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