WhatsApp has released its monthly compliance report under its new IT policy in which the company said that it has received 345 complaint reports between May 15 and June 15 and banned 2 million accounts i.e. new IT policy Under the digital platform, over 50 million users are asked to issue compliance reports every month. Under this, WhatsApp has shared the report.

While releasing the report, WhatsApp wrote that our main goal is to prevent the sending of harmful or unwanted messages on a large scale. We maintain advanced capability to identify these accounts sending high or abnormal rate of messages and have banned 2 million accounts from 15th May to 15th June in India alone.

The same company has also confirmed that more than 95 percent of such restrictions are due to unauthorized use of automated or bulk messaging (spam). WhatsApp explained that we expect to publish the post-report version no later than 30-45 days after the reporting period to obtain sufficient time for data collection and verification. The Facebook-owned company said that the number of banned accounts has increased significantly since 2019 as the sophistication of the system has increased, and so we are keeping more accounts as we think it is necessary to send bulk or automated messages. More efforts are being made.


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