Twitter’s attempt to buy Clubhouse failed, not even a $ 400 million offer made


Micro-blogging platform Twitter had tried to buy the invite-only audio chat app Clubhouse for around ₹ 400 million, but it did not work. This has been reported in the media report. According to a report by TechCrunch, the conversation lasted for several months between the two but did not resume later. It was TechCrunch that confirmed the existence of negotiations between the two companies from a source familiar with the conversation.

In view of the increasing popularity of the club house, many tech companies are working on rival apps and Twitter has also started working on Android. Currently Twitter’s Spaces are available on the iOS beta, yet to be rolled out for Android devices. Under the feature, users can create a location, which can include followers as they interact. Anyone can listen to this conversation on Twitter, although only the host will have control over who gets to speak. The clubhouse is currently available on the Apple App Store and has been downloaded over 8 million times.

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The company is working on the Android version. Facebook, like the club house, is building its own social audio app. Even Microsoft-owned LinkedIn is working on a similar app. On the other hand, Clubhouse is a relatively new platform that came out last year in the form of social audio. Since its inception, the app has glorified live audio conversations between a group, and the idea has been adopted by celebrities, tech CEOs and general users alike. However, the app is facing stiff competition to move forward. With every new feature in the social media space, technology giants such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are already working on versions of such platforms. The current user base of these platforms is in millions worldwide.

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