Twitter users have been demanding an edit button for a long time. However, the feature was dismissed by CEO Jack Dorsey, who said that the app will never get an edit button. But Twitter launched the Undo button with its Blue subscription, which does more or less the same thing. He now wants to know from Twitter product chief Kavyon Baykapour users whether they will pay for the edit button.

Even though Twitter is working on an edit button, it may be restricted to paid subscribers only. Baykapour shared a poll on his personal handle asking users to get an option to edit tweets. He wrote, “@TwitterBlue lets you edit a tweet within a short time of posting, would you like to subscribe? Tell me yes/no in response!”

Subsequently, over 68.4 percent of users selected the “No” button, while only 31.6 percent approved payment for the editing feature. Twitter may be considering this feature, and Baykapour also hinted that the feature will allow users to edit tweets minutes after they have been posted. Dorsey indicated in 2020 that Twitter may never get an edit button as it seeks to preserve the original design of Twitter which was primarily an SMS, text messaging service.


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