Recently, Twitter announced that it will start giving blue ticks to its users through a process. After this, the applications of many people were rejected, after which users felt that it is not so easy to get blue tick on Twitter. Meanwhile, the war between the government and Twitter continued to escalate and Ku also started increasing his users. But in the second phase, Twitter has now blue-ticked many accounts including many fake troll accounts. Questions are being raised once again on Twitter as to how the company is verifying people so easily without any process, including many fake accounts.

Earlier, Twitter clarified in its policy that it would not provide verification of fake, bot or parody accounts. But now it is not so. In the last 3 days, there have been many such fake accounts on Twitter which have got blue ticks. Although the company later found out about the mistake, it deleted those accounts, but by then it was too late.

Koo is currently one step ahead in taking on Twitter. After the constant dispute with the government, now the account of every minister has been created on Ku and many users are also using this platform a lot. You can easily verify if you use Ku than Twitter. This platform has increased the interest of the people even more.


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