Giant EV maker, Tesla and PUBG Mobile have signed on to project and showcase their EV products in the popular video game PUBG Mobile. You can update the 1.5 version of PUBG Mobile by going to the Playstore.

The updated PUBG Mobile game will feature Tesla Gigafactory, Tesla Model Y EV, and its autonomous driving feature as well as Tesla semi self-driving vehicles. The game features an elaborate Tesla factory on the map with deadly weapons. Autopilot mode in the electric car can be activated on the highway, automatically taking the player to the location of their choice.

As we have seen, Tesla has been making video games since the beginning and electric vehicles can be seen in it. The EV maker is also building Tesla Arcade, a video game platform, inside its vehicles, and is working with video game studios to provide convenience for EV owners with a dose of entertainment. Tesla chief Elon Musk has reportedly indicated that entertainment will play a major role in the company’s growth.


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