Signal App announced a new facility for sending cryptocurrencies


Taking a cue from its rival WhatsApp, the fast-growing encrypted messaging app Signal has announced users to send money to cryptocurrencies to friends and relatives, as it unveils a new peer-to-peer payment system in the beta version of its app. Does the test.

Signal Payments, the new facility previously available in the UK, will currently support a privacy-focused payment network called MobileCoin, which has its own currency, MOB.

Signal head of development and communications June Harda said, “As always, our goal is to keep our data in your hands compared to ours; Mobilecoin’s design means Signal doesn’t have access to your balance, complete transaction history, or money Is, “said. “If you want to switch to another app or service you can transfer your funds at any time.” “Signal Payments has made it easier to connect Mobilecoin Wallet to Signal so that you can start sending funds to friends and family, receive funds from them, keep track of your balance, and history of your transactions with a simple interface Review “.

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