PUBG Mobile banned 1.6 million accounts for tampering with anti-cheat policy


PUBG Mobile often reports fraud, in this action, PUBG Mobile has banned more than 1.6 million accounts that were found to be fraudulent. Let us know that for April, 1,691,949 accounts were permanently banned from accessing the game. And this staggering number of accounts is from 28 March to 1 April, which is about 5 days.

For your information, let us know that PUBG Mobile has banned at least 1 million accounts every month for tampering with the anti-cheat policy. These accounts use third-party hacks to ensure victory and more kills in battles, and this is not fair to the rest of the players. Especially the crooks who are not good with the gameplay and lose the fight from these theaters. PUBG Mobile keeps updating its anti-cheat system on a monthly basis to add all new methods that these hackers use. PUBG Mobile has provided a breakup of these restricted accounts.

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However, it should be noted here that 35 per cent of the banned accounts are in the Bronze category, while Diamond accounts are 13 per cent. While 12 per cent of Crown accounts were permanently banned, 11 per cent of accounts in the Platinum and Silver categories were banned. Then, you have the gold category with 9 percent of the accounts in the ban and the Ace category with 8 percent of the total blocked accounts. As usual, only 1 percent of the total restricted accounts were in the winning category.




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