New update in Google MEET, now it will be easy to set up echo sounds in calls

Users are facing the problem of Google Meet calls. This time Google made it easier to identify and fix echoes to help users uninterruptedly in the middle of calls. It is said that this can happen when someone feeds audio back into a system call.

Whereas Google Meet intelligently controls the audio to remove echo in video calls. But still, sometimes it happens and an echo is heard from your device when others speak. Earlier, it was difficult for users to know when their device was causing an echo. Now, Google will notify them when a notable echo is detected from the system that can be heard by other call participants. The Google Mett call app will notify you of the problem with the red dot on the more options button at the bottom along with a text notification. If there are troubleshooting steps you can take when you click the notification – such as using headphones, lowering the speaker volume, or muting yourself when not speaking in a video call – you can do that to help reduce the echo. can help.

The new feature is rolling out gradually for both the Rapid Release and Scheduled Release domains and may take up to 15 days to become fully visible.


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