Multiple updates coming in successive WHATSAPP


NEW DELHI, APRIL 7: Facebook-owned WhatsApp said on Wednesday that it is now giving businesses the ability to create and manage their catalogs from WhatsApp web / desktop rather than just mobile phones.

It has announced two new features to make it easier for people to know what is available and for entrepreneurs to quickly sell their products on WhatsApp for business. WhatsApp said in a statement, “Since many businesses manage their inventory from computers, this new option will make it quick and easy to add new goods or services.

This will be helpful for businesses with big inventions, such as a restaurant or clothing store, so that they can manage their inventory from the big screen. Currently, people can browse more than 8 million trade catalogs on WhatsApp, including 1 million in India that they want to buy.

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The company introduced carts on WhatsApp last year during the holiday shopping season so that people can browse a catalog, select multiple products, and send orders as a message to the business.

Now, it is giving them the option to “hide” specific items from their inventory and can easily show them when they are back in stock or available to customers.

The company said, “The facility is starting today for businesses around the world.”




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