Know why iPhones are so expensive after all?


In today’s time technology is being used everywhere and in this era of technology, the market of smartphones is very advanced. Within a few months you start seeing your smartphone as outdated because of new technology and advanced features. The world has been taken over by Android phones, but Apple’s iPhone has the most passion. Smartphone users must know about the iPhone.

Everyone wants to buy the same iPhone, but not everyone’s dream comes true because one of the major reasons for this is the price of the iPhone. The price is such that it is not possible for common people to buy an iPhone just to dream. But do you know why Apple’s iPhones are so expensive? If not then let us tell you…

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Why are iPhones so expensive?
In fact, there is some reason why the iPhone smartphone can be priced very high, but what matters most is its design and features. The iPhone has a lot of great features like OLED display, fast processor, and thin bezels. Its design is excellent. The hardware of the iPhone is fast and latest, as the Apple company uses its own made processors. Apart from this, there is also Apple’s in the operating system, which is known as IOS. Not only this, gold and silver are used in many parts of the iPhone. In addition, the iPhone model will be accompanied by fees and taxes, which makes its cost much higher.

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