Know what is the full name of PAYTM, 99% people do not know


Technology Desk. Friends Paytm is an Indian company, which is offering people the convenience of transacting, shopping through a mobile app. Let us tell you that through Paytm, you can send money to anyone along with shopping or you can do electricity bill, tap nil, recharge the phone etc. Friends, now Paytm Bank has also been formed. Let us tell you that it also has a branch in the name of Paytm Payment Bank in Noida. Friends, most people will hardly know the full name of Paytm. Please tell that Paytm is an abbreviation, which has a full form. Friends, today we are going to tell you the full name of Paytm. For the information of friends, let us tell you that the full name of PAYTM is PAY Through Mobile, about which most Indian people will hardly know before.

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