Know How to Activate Jio eSIM on Samsung Smartphones


Jio is one of the major telecom carriers in the country, which is noted for its aggressive plans and incentives. Its first JioPhone Next is a low-cost smartphone for all. But we are not going to get into that yet. Reliance Jio has now allowed an eSIM function that will help customers use two SIM cards on a smartphone that does not have dual SIM capability. Learn more about it here.

List of smartphones that support eSIM feature:

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
samsung galaxy fold
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G
samsung galaxy note 20
samsung galaxy z fold 2
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
Samsung Galaxy S20
Samsung Galaxy S20+
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

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Perform following steps to activate Jio eSIM on Samsung phone:

*To get started, copy the IMEI and EID numbers from the About phone section of the Settings app.
* Send an SMS to 199 containing the words GETESIM number.
*A 19-digit eSIM number and eSIM profile setup data, as well as a 32-digit activation code, will be sent to you.
*On receiving this message send SIMCHG and then 19 digit eSIM number to 199.
*Once you receive the update notification, send a text message to 183 with your confirmation.
*You will receive a call from an automated system asking you to validate your 19-digit eSIM number.
*eSIM profile should now be configured.
*Choose SIM Card Management from the Connections menu in the Settings app.
* Select Scan Carrier QR Code from the Add Mobile Plan menu.
*Instead, select “Enter Code” and enter the 32-digit activation code.
*Wait for the process to complete and your Jio eSIM gets activated before tapping on Connect.

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