Instagram may soon allow you to prioritize posts from your ‘Favorites’

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is now testing a new feature called ‘Favorites’ that allows users to view reels like stories, photos and other content based on priority from their favorite accounts or Instagram handles. Is. According to claims by AppleInsider, Instagram users are now forced to rely on Facebook’s algorithm to decide which photos are shown first. Only if the selected account’s content is added to ‘Favorites’ will it appear in the stream.

Facebook’s algorithm is based on several criteria, including the overall popularity of a post and how often a user interacts with a certain account. Mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi shared a screenshot on Twitter and tweeted, ‘Instagram is working on favorites, posts from your favorites are shown more in feed.’ The Instagram ‘Favorites’ feature will allow users to mark specific accounts as their favourites. Any account that is set as a favorite, regardless of their popularity or other signals used by the algorithm, will appear high in the feed.

While users are creating a list, only they will be able to see who is on it, as this is an account-specific list that is not shared with others. The screenshot also shows that people added or removed from the user’s favorites list will not be notified of their presence or removal. Instagram is in the midst of major changes, as it evolves from a photo-sharing site to a social platform that is closer to TikTok. It has also requested the user’s date of birth in preparation for introducing more child protection measures.


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