The widely used app, Instagram, will add an option for users to control how much sensitive content they see under their “Explore” tab, the company said on Tuesday. The Explore tab takes us to popular photos, places and searches based on user interests and allows them to choose from categories such as food, art and travel.

The new feature, called “Sensitive Content Control”, lets its users decide for themselves whether they want to see more or less certain types of sensitive content. So that sexually suggestive or violent posts are not visible to the users. “We recognize that everyone has different preferences for what they want to see in Explore, and that control will give people more choice over what they see,” the company aids in a post.

The app has made other changes for users to shape their experience, including adding new tools for people to turn off comments or restrict people from interacting with them. Social media platforms are investing billions on content creators for their platforms, as well as allowing for secure content on their platforms as competition in the space continues.

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