Indian retailer group demands Amazon ban, protests after revelations from Amazon documents



A major group of Indian retailers on Wednesday urged the government to ban Inc.’s local operations on In fact, retailers across the country have come out in protest after Amazon selected some sellers for business in India. A Reuters report leaked some of Amazon’s documents mentioning that the legendary online platform defrauded Indian regulators and created a secret strategy. These documents are from 2015 to 2016. These are things that will not be corrected by the Narendra Modi government, the country’s small retailers, big local companies and industry.

The Federation of India Traders (CA IT), which represents 80 million retail stores in India, said in a statement that the Reuters report was “shocking” and that Amazon’s operations in India should be immediately banned. The group asked Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal to take an immediate decision to ban Amazon’s operations in India.

However, Amazon did not respond to a request for comment. But after repeated protests from CA IT, Amazon retracted the Reuters report, saying, “We criticize this report and the Reuters report is incomplete, in fact incorrect.” It states that Amazon complies with Indian laws. When contacted by a spokesperson of the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry on the issue, he did not respond. According to Reuters, only two-thirds of total sales in India through Amazon’s website account for only 35 vendors. It is understood that Amazon is currently in dispute with Reliance Industries and Future Group. The case is pending in court.



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