Increase WiFi speed without any booster, only 5 ways will make a difference


With the second wave of COVID-19 across the country, states such as Delhi NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra have implemented temporary lockdowns to combat the spread of deadly coronaviruses. Meanwhile, several state governments have urged companies to work from home and ensure employee safety. One of the most important things for a casual work from home experience is a great internet connection. Keeping this in mind, we have found some ways to fix these for you which increase the speed of WiFi and speed up your data download-upload speed.

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The special thing is that for this you do not need to install a booster device. Here are 5 ways you can get rid of slow wifi speed and help increase speed. This is the easiest way to boost low speed wifi speeds at home. You can also turn off the modem on the bus router as well. The modem transfers the Internet signal between the home network and the ISP. So if the speed is slow, the best way is to reset the modem. It is a good idea to reboot the device regularly for smooth functioning from home experience. This is another way to boost WiFi speed immediately.

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For strangers, WiFi signals are sometimes interrupted or obstructed by walls, floors, furniture, and other large physical objects in the home. Therefore, do not place the router on a large object or any other place, but place the router in the center where you sit and work. If your WiFi speed is slowing down, then you need to check that someone Whether a firmware update is available.

Know how to give better speed to your home's wifi?

If so, update your router, doing so not only keeps the device safe, but also fixes all problems related to speed and more. It is best to check periodically for firmware updates for a better experience. You should know that if your router and modem device is old or outdated then WiFi speed may decrease. So, if either of the two devices has difficulty in working, the speed of WiFi will be very slow. In this case, you should immediately buy a good router and modem according to your usage.

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