If you want to buy iPhone 13 series then you will have to pay tax up to 40 thousand rupees


Apple recently launched its new iPhone 13 series, which people were eagerly waiting for. The starting price of this phone is Rs. 69,900. You must be aware that their price is more in India than America. Actually, if you buy the iPhone 13 in the US, it will cost only Rs. 51,310, but in India you will have to pay Rs 79,900 for the same model. Now the question arises that how there is such a difference in the price of the phone in these countries. so that we can let you know.

The reason for this in India is that the iPhone 13 will not have any manufacturing in India like the iPhone 12. Let us also tell you that the smartphones of this series will be imported, that is, Indians will have to pay 22.5 percent custom duty on this smartphone. . Actually, in India the customer has to pay around Rs. 10,880 as customs duty on iPhone 13 mini purchases. Not only this, customers will also have to pay GST on the purchase of iPhone 13. Let us tell you that at present the GST on iPhone 13 is around Rs. 10662

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How much tax will it take? Under the tax, you will have to pay a total tax of Rs 50,000. 40,034 iPhone 13 Pro Max. At the same time, the iPhone 13 mini will have to pay 21,543 tax. Also, 24,625 tax will have to be paid on the iPhone 13. 36,952 tax will have to be paid on iPhone 13 Pro.

When is the first sale – Let us tell you that the new series of Apple will be imported and not in India. The first sale of the iPhone 13 series will start in India from September 24.

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