Google Removes 8 Malicious Apps From Play Store

Tech giant Google has decided to remove 8 malicious apps from its Play Store. These applications portray themselves as cryptocurrency cloud mining applications which include Bitfund, Bitcoin Miner, Bitcoin, Bitcoin (BTC), and more.

These days, cryptocurrency mining is getting a lot of attention and with the increasing interest, the market is seeing a lot of evil eye. This means that these hackers are using this growing public interest in cryptocurrencies to dupe innocent netizens. These hackers force them to install fake apps containing dangerous malware and adware on their smartphones. The biggest advantage is that Google has now identified these malicious apps and removed them from the Play Store.

Google removed 8 malicious apps from Play Store:

*Bitfunds – Crypto Cloud Mining
*Bitcoin Miner – Cloud Mining
*Bitcoin (BTC) – Pool Mining Cloud Wallet
*cryptoholic – bitcoin cloud mining
*Daily bitcoin rewards – cloud based mining system
* Bitcoin 2021
*Minebit Pro – Crypto Cloud Mining & BTC Miner
*Ethereum (ETH) – Pool Mining Cloud


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