Since the arrival of Battleground Mobile India in the Indian gaming market, its craze can be seen among the youth. Recently a developer of PUBG informed that they are working on its updation in which new features have been added to the game. However, Crafton is also working on rectifying the shortcomings. The issues relate to graphics options, customizable controls, and an issue with the newly introduced Mini Ray TV. Battlegrounds Mobile India was officially launched on July 2 and the July update for version 1.5.0 was the first major update for the game.

While the update adds features to the game such as new weapons, a new Mission Ignition mode as part of the Erangel Map, Royale Pass Month system, Throwable Healing Items, and more, it also brings some issues that were noted by Crafton has gone. On the official Battlegrounds Mobile India website, the developer posted that there are three known issues with the July update including “Super Smooth option not available in graphics settings,” “Not able to adjust Sprint buttons in control settings,” and ” Unable” included. Proceed to programs running through Mini Ray TV. ”

Crafton has also added a few features to allow the game to be loaded and played without leggings on low-end devices. Notably, Smooth is the only option that allows to provide good gaming experience to all the users. Crafton says the update will happen on a “regular basis” as new issues are identified. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, go to Settings in-game, tap Basic, and then tap Customer Service to report them. Let us tell you that Battlegrounds Mobile India was launched on 2nd July, after its launch there were more than 34 million game downloads, 16 million active players.


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