Fix “File Too Large for Destination” Error When Transferring Large Files to Flash Drive


Technology has made our life easier in recent times. New and improved technology is provided to the general public which allows us to lead a stress free life. Smartphones and laptops/PCs continue to be the most useful electronics today. Both these industries have experienced rapid growth. However, in this post, we’ll focus on the latter one helpful feature that requires an additional attachment.

Flash drives, often referred to as USB drives, are what we are talking about. These small external drives are useful for storing additional data and for transferring data from one laptop/PC to another. Their use is no longer limited to laptops and PCs. Modern-day smart TVs and audio accessories also now support USB drives for media playback.

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While copying files to a flash/USB drive is as easy as copy+paste, there are instances when you may encounter errors while transferring data; Especially with files larger than 4GB. This is one of the issues that are commonly reported by users. For example, if you’re trying to copy a video file larger than 4GB in size, you’ll get an error stating “File too large for destination”.

How to Transfer Files Larger than 4GB to a USB Flash Drive

Before proceeding, we would like to add that you need to change the settings of the flash drive. Changing the system settings from “FAT 32” to “NTFS” will work. Following are the steps:

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Step 1: The easiest way is to change the formatting “FAT 32” settings to “NTFS”. You can right-click on the drive and select the “Quick Format” option.

Step 2: In case, the formatting doesn’t work, then you have to change the settings manually. Right-click the drive from My Computer again and select the “File System” option.

Step 3: Select “NTFS” from the “File System” option and save the changes. Once this setting is applied you will be able to copy large files (more than 4GB) to your USB drive with ease.



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