Facebook: Facebook India doubles growth in India in 1 year amid controversies


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India is a huge market not only in terms of data on large tech users, but also revenue included. Social media giant Facebook’s revenue in India has risen to $1 billion due to the digital boom and growth in platforms like Instagram, Facebook. According to a report received, Facebook’s India revenue grew to Rs 9,000 crore or $1.2 billion in 2020-21 from Rs 6,613 crore in the previous fiscal.

The actual figures will be revealed when the California headquarters files them with the Registrar of Companies. The growth of the platform in India has been phenomenal in the last few years due to several factors such as falling data prices and cheap smartphones. The lockdown also helped the growth of social media and internet companies as people stayed home and turned to the internet for everything from entertainment and studies to shopping.

At the same time, online advertising benefited from a massive digital push, with tech players such as Google and Facebook taking the lead. Facebook India managing director Ajit Mohan told TOI that last year not only saw a change in users going online but also in online engagement with businesses and brands. This has led to an increase in online marketing spend which has driven the growth of digital advertising in India.

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