Detel brought the cheapest oximeter, learn price and features


Affordable Omsetter, Detelpro Osemeter DI OXY10, COVID 19: In this era of corona virus epidemic, it has become important for people to check their blood oxygen levels. Doctors recommend that blood oxygen levels are periodically checked.

Pulse oximeter is necessary to treat corona at home, use this way, see readings, where to find and price

In this era of Kovid-19 crisis, pulse oximeter has become very important at the fingertips and in view of this requirement, Detel India’s Health and Hygiene Vertical Ditropro has launched an oximeter at a price of Rs 799. However, GST charges will be levied. Will have to be paid separately. In the second wave of Kovid-19 pandemic (Coronovirus 2 Wave), Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced exemption in basic custom duty and health cess on oxygen related equipment for 3 months. The entire country is in the grip of the second wave of Kovid-19 infection, so the number of active Kovid-19 cases is continuously increasing.

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Use pulse oximeter at rest position

Most people are isolated at home and regularly monitoring oxygen in every household has become very important. In this atmosphere of terror, people are looking for reliable and cheap medical devices. Keeping this in mind, the company has launched the cheapest oximeter. Dettol’s oximeter is based on all digital technology. This is for non-invasive measurement of functional oxygen saturation.

what is pulse oximeter why it is important to keep at home during corona time how to use it |  Pulse Oximeter: What is a Pulse Oximeter?  At home in corona

Dettol’s oximeter is on sale at and The founder of Ditropro, Drs. Yogesh Bhatia says – We want to reduce expensive medical bills and provide the best medical equipment to our customers. Our Detelpro Pulse Omseter will help many people as there is a great need for oxygen monitoring devices not only at home but also in hospitals. We are ready to serve the country by joining hands with the government and providing our affordable oximeter.

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