Desktop version of Google Search may soon get dark theme


On desktop, Google is adding an official dark mode to search, allowing users who want to avoid flashy webpages to conduct their searches in dark environments. Users can go to Settings and look for “Appearance” near the bottom of the list. Users will be taken to Search Settings > Appearance, where they will be able to choose between device default, dark theme and light theme.

According to reports, this dark gray background will be visible everywhere where a user signs in with their Google account on PC. Google home page, search results page, and search settings are some examples of search pages.

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According to the report, users can also see a banner in the search results, and others have noticed a sun icon in the top-right corner to enable/disable it immediately. Google recognized customer demands for this functionality in its announcement, which states that the search dark theme will be fully operational in the coming weeks.

“I’m thrilled to announce that starting today and fully rolling out over the next few weeks, the dark theme is now available for Google Search pages on desktop,” the company said. The feature is reportedly being tested for mobile as well.



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